Privacy policy

Important: The idea with Flashbox is that anyone can read any email in a Flashbox inbox, just by entering the email address. There are no passwords. Our privacy policy can therefore be summed up: There is no privacy. You should at least not expect it or demand it. Neither should you use Flashbox for anything where privacy is important.

We repeat:

Any message sent to Flashbox can be read by any user.

Every inbox on Flashbox is available to the public.

There are no passwords.

This is by design. The non-security of Flashbox is its main feature. Therefore:

Do Not Send Sensitive Information to Flashbox

Do not send any information to Flashbox that you would consider personal or private. Even if you are constantly monitoring the Flashbox inbox you gave to the third party website/app, it is extremely likely that someone else could be watching that inbox as well. Treat Flashbox as if someone else were watching over your shoulder at all times.

Flashbox Inbox Aliases are Not Secure

While inbox aliases are meant to be a layer of obfuscation to the real e-mail address in, you should be aware that the algorithm which converts from real addresses to inbox aliases, and vice versa, is public (because we're open source), and can be easily reverse engineered by a determined individual.

Inbox aliases are fine for sending random website/app e-mails to, but again, please do not send any private, personal, confidential messages to an inbox alias; it is extremely likely that someone can and will figure out the true inbox that the message is delivered to.

We don't log anything

Except for the emails sent to the inboxes, we have tweaked Flashbox to not log anything about our visitors or their behaviour. We therefore can't answer any questions about "what happened to my email" and similar.

We don't report you to Google

We have turned off all calls to third party service providers such as Google and Adobe. Flashbox does not contact any other domain than However, when you open an HTML email in a Flashbox inbox, that email may contact several third party domains. We have no control over how the sender has designed the email.

We are based in Sweden

Flashbox is run by the 5th of July Foundation in Sweden. We run the service on our own physical server, which is hosted by Bahnhof, the Swedish network operator notorious for standing up for free speech.


The only cookie we use is to keep track of the most recent inbox that you've visited, so that when you visit Flashbox the next time, that address will appear in the address field and you can easily check the same inbox again. We do not track our users, nor do we use cookies to keep personal information.